At first, she won hearts with her beauty; and now with her kindness. Natasha Rahman chats up our very own Maksuda Akhter Prioty

Beauty pageants thrive on creating fantasies by crafting a divine image. To assume that being beautiful is a prerequisite for winning a show is a common mistake made by many. But it isn’t a cake walk and Maksuda Akhter Prioty, Ms Ireland, tells it as it is. She refutes the idea that beauty pageants are a platform to display women’s physical appearance only. “As a participant in Ms Ireland, 70 percent of the marks come from how much time I consume in social work; the rest 30 percent is credited to external appearance and my ability to blend in with the other contestants,” she shares. Prioty has paved the way for her fairytale by being the first Irish-Bangladeshi woman to be crowned First Runner-up in the Ms Earth 2016 international pageant in Jamaica. “Whatever I do, I give my 100 percent,” she says.
The winner of Miss Universal Royalty 2013, Prioty, always wants to push herself and get as much as she can from life. “It’s ingrained in us to work for people, not only nationally but internationally. People will want to see if I am reaching out to other countries as well.”

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— Posted on March 8, 2017 at 11:56 am

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