Its a great honor to win the Ms. Earth International beauty pageant this year. I am congratulating her for her success and for representing the Ireland globally.

Dr. James Reilly - Irish Minister

maksuda is a busy super-mum with a very busy life, when she first joined us she was very shy and quiet, and struggled with a lack of physical strength. now maksuda is well able to hold herself up the pole and make beautiful shapes and graceful movement: she proves that with practice, patience, consistency and the right mindset you can achieve your goals!

Irish Pole Dance Academy

We are so excited with the news today that Maksuda Akhter stole the crown with the title Ms Ireland in our Elegance Designer Wear Gown. Well done Maksuda we are so proud of you.

Elegance Designer Wear

Well done. Maksuda is a fantastic role model for all of the young women in Ireland. And she faces many obstacle to raise two young children on her own but she was able to cross all obstacle and enter to the competition.

Really a huge achievement and congratulated you. Very well done.

Críona Ní Dhálaigh - Lord Mayor of Dublin